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About the Site

I have often been challenged with creating better ways of managing and unifying information in my network. This site is for anyone who wants to take advantage of unifying their data within their network. In order to constrain the focus of this site I have limited the focus to applications that help create the “smart house”. All applications should run on Windows Vista. These applications include media centers, multimedia, and other digital mediums.


All of the applications that are posted on this site were written in .Net for the Windows platform. Applications are tested with Windows XP Media Center & Professional editions (32-bit). There are no points that were hardcoded to run exclusive under 32-bit Windows. This should allow applications to run without any recompiles for 64-bit Windows.


About Me

I’ve been developing software for over the past 10 years. Over this time I have created many applications to allow businesses to minimize complexity and reduce costs for maintaining legacy systems. In the 2004-2005 school year, I was the Microsoft Student Ambassador to Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI.

Standards for Consumer Grade Technology

My standard for consumer grade technology is pretty simple – will it meet the wife acceptance factor? If this is not possible then the technology will never succeed.


All applications, source code, and information do not reflect the views and opinions of my employer. No software, design patterns, or intellectual property of my employer was used in the creation of this site or any components listed upon it.