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C# / VB.Net

Regions in Code - One of the items that rarely seen properly execute
String Concatenation - Concatenating strings is one of the most common ta
String.Concat vs StringBuilder - Using the base string concatenation versus using s
C# Switch - If you are developing code that contains a lot of
Embedding a Form in a Form - Sometimes in code a developer needs to embed a for
Determining if a String is an Empty String - In order to test to see if a string has a value th
Optimize Assignments - Believe it or not, just optimizing the assignments
ByRef or ByVal - When passing items around it is always better to p
Select only Alphanumeric Values - In order to select all values that are alpha numer
Reading a Text File - One of the most interesting pieces within the .Net
Saving a Text File - Along with open file not having an intrinsic way o